Quickfind UK – the “mobile-first” directory


Are you a Smartphone User?

Yes?? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Quickfind UK publishes search results in priority order, with mobile-friendly entries at the TOP**

Are you a UK Business or Organisation?

Yes?? If you have a mobile-friendly website, then you will appear as a PRIORITY listing on Quickfind UK


**There are now over 30 Million mobile users in the UK.

One thing they all share is frustration when confronted with having to read and navigate a PC site on the small screen.

This is why Quickfind UK publishes search results with priority position going to businesses and organisations with mobile-friendly sites.


Quickfind UK – the “mobile-first” directory

As a Smartphone user we have you particularly in mind.

Quickfind UK’s approach means our search results put suppliers with mobile-friendly sites at the TOP.